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Villeroy & Boch Tiles New Products 2018 - Collection Marmochic

Press release   •   Sep 25, 2017 08:00 BST

Series Marmochic

An elegant wall and floor concept with an expressive marble effect -

MARMOCHIC: an exquisite selection of marbles, interpreted for modern living

Three exquisite marble styles, authentically and expressively interpreted in modern ceramic – this is the design concept behind MARMOCHIC, the elegant new wall and floor range from Villeroy & Boch Tiles. The characteristic look and feel of each marble has been authentically applied to floor tiles and wall tiles using modern printing technology and premium surface finishes. The result is impressive: the colours, structures and grains are so realistic that the ceramic looks and even feels exactly like real marble. These high-quality tiles also offer some great advantages over marble, such as superior resistance and ease of care.

MARMOCHIC is inspired by the elegant Calacatta Gold, Grigio Collemandina and Pietra Grey marbles and reproduces the characteristic colour, look and feel of each: essential white takes its inspiration from white Calacatta Gold, is streaked with grey veins and features golden inclusions. Grigio Collemandina, a dark, Italian stone with light veins, is the inspiration for dark illusion, an expressive anthracite. Pietra Grey, a greyish brown marble streaked with delicate white veins, is reproduced in the deep pearl shade. MARMOCHIC therefore features three marble effects, each full of character, whose intense nuances of colour, delicate veining and authentic details make them perfect for achieving timelessly elegant designs in sophisticated interiors, both on the wall and on the floor. The range’s refined assortment of decorative elements also opens up a world of opportunities for customisation.

The glazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware floor concept is available in two finishes. When polished, the tiles have a high-gloss and produce wonderfully attractive reflections of light, just like natural marble. The matt tiles are just as expressive and are the perfect choice for semi-public areas, thanks to their R9 slip rating. MARMOCHIC is also available in 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 120 cm formats, offering a range of different design options, including classic panel layouts and modern, large-format layouts. Floors and walls can be customised with 0.5 x 120 cm metal profiles in brass and silver, which can be used to create a wider metal joint, adding elegant texture to a layout or enclosing selected segments of tiles. Slim 5 x 60 cm listelli are also available in all colours for floors and can be laid tone-in-tone or in contrasting arrangements. The range also features two mosaics: a functional 3.7 x 3.7 cm format, made specially for walk-in showers, and a decorative, plain-coloured mosaic in a herringbone pattern for use in the shower and on floors or walls. The floor concept is completed by 7.5 x 60 cm strip skirting, available in all colours and both finishes, and matching corners for aesthetically-pleasing layouts.

The nonvitreous wall tiles are available in three formats: 30 x 60 cm, 30 x 90 cm and 40 x 120 cm. The high-gloss finishes underscore the refined look and feel of the ceramic and produce an endless variety of reflections. A comprehensive décor concept with 30 x 90 cm format vertical tiles was also developed with classic boiserie designs in mind and brings a spectacular sense of opulence to any room. The central design element is the gently rounded shape of the 1.5 x 30 cm listelli that is found repeated in borders, edges and rounded skirting and brings a continuity of style to the concept. Matching corners are available for all décor elements, enabling high-quality wall layouts to come together perfectly.

MARMOCHIC can also be used to add a strikingly modern tone to interior designs: the 40 x 120 cm format in a horizontal layout is a particularly effective option. Exclusive decorative elements can be created by enclosing all colours of nonvitreous cut tiles in a frame composed of slim 2 x 120 cm metal profiles in gold or silver.

The décor concept is rounded off by two high-quality wall mosaics: a mosaic with brickwork pattern and a delicate herringbone mosaic composed of tiny stones. The format of the latter is identical to the herringbone floor mosaic and can therefore be used to create a continuity between the floor design and the walls of the shower area, for instance. Although the floor mosaic is plain-coloured, two bicolour herringbone patterns combining essential white and dark illusion or deep pearl have been selected for the wall.

MARMOCHIC is a high-quality design concept combining the aesthetic of premium materials with an elegant design and is the perfect choice for classically opulent or puristically modern interiors. Both styles apply historical references to a consciously modern context, bringing a hint of luxury to every room. The classically styled décor element has also been given a formal update and features stunning details that bring it into line with contemporary tastes. The modern decorative element, meanwhile, brings a breath of fresh air to the range’s skilfully rendered marble effect. MARMOCHIC is therefore perfect for exquisite wall and floor layouts in private interiors and can also be used to create elegant designs with a classical or modern ambiance in high-end hotel and shops and discerning office buildings.

MARMOCHIC product information:


Walls nonvitreous, glazed

Floor vilbostone porcelain stoneware, glazed


Walls 30 x 60 cm, 30 x 90 cm, 40 x 120 cm

Floor 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm


Walls essential white, deep pearl, dark illusion

Floor essential white, deep pearl, dark illusion


Walls glossy

Floor polished, matt

Decorative elements:

Walls: Mosaics in brickwork pattern, bonded to 30 x 30 cm mats, in all colours

Mosaics in herringbone pattern, bonded to 30 x 30 cm mats,

two coloured: essential white/deep pearl, essential white/dark


Listello, 1,5 x 30 cm, all colours

Border, 9 x 30 cm, all colours

Border corner, 9 x 2 cm, all colours

Capping, 5 x 30 cm, all colours

Capping corner, 5 x 2 cm, all colours

Strip skirting with beading, 26 x 30 cm, all colours

Strip skirting with beading, corner, 26 x 2 cm, all colours

Metal profile, 2 x 120 cm, with nonvitreous strip,

gold – all colours

silver – all colours

Floor: Mosaics, 3.7 x 3.7 cm, all colours

Mosaics in herringbone pattern, all colours

Listello, 5 x 60 cm, all colours

Listello corner, 5 x 5 cm, all colours

Metal profile, 0.5 x 120 cm, brass, silver

Special features: Strip skirting, 7.5 x 60 cm, polished and matt, in all colours

R9 slip resistance, matt 

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