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Villeroy & Boch Tiles New Products 2017 - Collection Urbantones

Press release   •   Sep 26, 2016 08:00 BST

Collection Urbantones - Novelties 2017

Tile concept with a natural-stone look for walls and floors

URBANTONES: harmonious colours for understated urban interiors

The varied structure of chalk and limestone cliffs and the fine nuances of their warm shades of beige and grey that continue to change in the play of light and shadow are reflected in the harmonious colours of the new URBANTONES tile concept by Villeroy & Boch Tiles. URBANTONES is an interpretation of natural limestone. With its authentic, nature-inspired design and a comprehensive colour and format system, it paves the way for maximum individuality – in understated and natural, as well as puristic and loft-style designs.

The floor tiles in the formats 15 x 15 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 7.5 x 60 cm, 15 x 60 cm, 30 x 60 cm and 60 x 60 cm are made of unglazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware and are available in the six contemporary colours Limewhite, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Mocha and Anthracite. All the colours have a warm look and feel, even when the base tone is cool. The finishes are modelled on the understated structure of Belgian bluestone basalt and feature subtle tooling marks. They are available in matt and even, rough-polished with a silky-matt shimmer. Both finishes offer R9 slip resistance. In 30 x 60 cm format, a finish with slip-resistance class R10/B is also available in all colours. Special feature of the floor tiles: they are produced in the double filling-slide method using clay with full-body colouring. This makes them particularly robust and durable and ideal for public and semi-public areas.

To complement the simplicity of the concept, the wall tiles have a brick format of 10 x 30 cm. They are made of nonvitreous and are available in the colours White, Old White, Light Grey and Grey, each available with either a glossy or matt finish, and can be combined with all floor colours. The bricks can be installed unmixed or the two finishes can be mixed in a single coating to create a particularly varied effect. When installed in a brickwork pattern, they can be used to create on-trend walls with an extremely handcrafted look and feel.

In addition, the FOSSILS decoration has been developed for the wall. This consists of three independent images depicting floral fossils with fine structures and a gentle relief. The décor tiles made of porcelain stoneware in 20 x 60 cm format are available in the colours Sand and Earth and are used on walls with the 30 x 60 cm floor tiles. The resulting joint offset also highlights the vibrancy of the decorative elements.

The 30 x 60 cm cut décors, available in all floor colours, open up attractive design possibilities on floors and walls. The décor combines strips in various widths to create a vibrant effect. Tip: the décors can also be halved and used as borders. 5 x 5 cm mosaics on a 30 x 30 cm mesh and strip skirting in 7.5 x 60 cm format, both available in all floor colours, complete the concept.

The new URBANTONES range has a timeless design and a modern yet authentic character wherever it is installed. URBANTONES can be used to create minimalist rooms with a strong emphasis on materials and designs and with a very understated, natural look and feel.

The concept offers design solutions for private interiors, ranging from living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms to workrooms and hallways. In addition, thanks to its high slip-resistance, URBANTONES can be used in representative, public areas, such as entrance areas to hotels or administrative buildings, as well as waiting rooms and seating areas. The high-quality material featuring full-body colouring makes URBANTONES particularly interesting as the floor covering is more robust and durable.

URBANTONES product information:
Walls: Nonvitreous
Floor: vilbostone porcelain stoneware
Walls: 10 x 30 cm (Bricks)
Floor: 15 x 15 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 7.5 x 60 cm, 15 x 60 cm, 30 x 60 cm,
60 x 60 cm
Walls: Relief-effect, matt and glossy
Floor: Plane, matt and rough-polished
Walls: White, Old White, Light Grey, Grey
Floor: Limewhite, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Mocha, Anthracite
Decorative elements:
Walls: FOSSILS, 20 x 60 cm, porcelain stoneware, Colours: Sand and Earth
Floor: Mosaics, 5 x 5 cm, bonded to a 30 x 30 cm mats, in all colours
Mosaic strip tiles, 30 x 60 cm, in all colours

Special features:

Strip skirting, 7.5 x 60 cm, in all colours

Non-slip class R9
Additional slip-resistance R10/B for floor tiles in
30 x 60 cm format

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