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Outdoor Tiles - Harmony indoors and out

Press release   •   Feb 16, 2017 10:07 GMT


OUTDOOR TILES from Villeroy & Boch for a stylish exterior

When people want to feel good and relax at home, they no longer wish to be confined inside. This means that attractive outdoor areas that can extend and upgrade living areas are in demand, especially on warm days. Reason enough to ensure that balconies, terraces, entrances and garden pathways are every bit as attractive as interior areas – and one way to do this is with ceramic tiles.

Villeroy & Boch Tiles has developed special Outdoor Tiles made of high-quality vilbostone porcelain stoneware for this very purpose. Thanks to the fact that the designs of these tough Outdoor Tiles are coordinated with current ranges, they harmonise perfectly with the floors in living areas and allow the interior design scheme to be elegantly continued from indoors to outdoors. As they are colour-fast, light-fast and weather-resistant, they also retain their attractive appearance even after years of exposure to sun, wind and weather– unlike natural stone, concrete or wood. Yet they also offer exceptional easy-care properties, because Villeroy & Boch applies the vilbostoneplus surface seal at the factory to protect them against soiling. One further advantage: Outdoor Tiles can be laid on different foundations, meaning that they offer a practical and elegant design solution for almost any situation. The  ranges are in 60 x 60 cm format to choose from. Selected ranges are also available in the new 40 x 80 cm format.


For 2017 Villeroy & Boch is adding two new Outdoor Tile ranges that further expand the design possibilities. CÁDIZ OUTDOOR and MINERAL SPRING OUTDOOR. Inspired by the flair of the renowned Andalusian city, the CÁDIZ range features a stone structure with a relief effect in three natural colour shades.

The new Outdoor Tiles allow for the creation of lively floors with harmonious transitions from indoors to outdoors, making it possible to successfully join a kitchen-diner with a barbecue area, for example. The natural look of the MINERAL SPRING range is inspired by the fine markings of cross-cut, namely stone that has been cut against the grain – a very attractive choice for living areas and adjacent terraces or balconies.

LODGE OUTDOOR: Naturally connecting indoorsand out

For the LODGE floor concept, a design was developed that is evocative of authentic wood and all of the grains, colours and occasional knotholes that might be found in high-quality parquet. Whereas real wood – no matter how well cared for and regardless of impregnation – is constantly being transformed by the impact of the weather, this high-quality porcelain stoneware retains its attractive appearance even after years of exposure.

MY EARTH OUTDOOR: Design freedom

The vilbostone porcelain stoneware range MY EARTH was inspired by the relief and structure of natural stone, creating a lively look of natural stone that has been interpreted in ceramic in four natural colours. The concept is of interest for both private and commercial properties: The structured tiles are ideal for harmonious terrace designs and also for creating courtyards as relaxation areas in administrative buildings, hospitals or healthcare facilities.

X-PLANE OUTDOOR: A welcoming outdoors

The design concept underlying the X-PLANE range is inspired by the original material characteristics of cement and exploits the design potential of ceramics to create a completely new look. Whether it is used in private areas as terrace tiling or for floor design in outdoor restaurants, X-PLANE OUTDOOR is perfect for all manner of layouts. X-PLANE OUTDOOR is available in three colours, that can be laid as single-colour surfaces as well as colour combinations, for instance to visually separate functional zones in the floor.

BERNINA OUTDOOR: For a safe footing

The design of the successful BERNINA range is reminiscent of the mica quartzite for which the Swiss Grison mountains are famous: A light natural play of colour, the fine sandy structure of the finishes with few veins and a discreet shimmer lend the range an attractive charm. BERNINA OUTDOOR can also be used as a harmonious link between a terrace area and the living area or to design an attractive pavement up to the main entrance with steps. Laying it loosely in a gravel bed can help to compensate for unevenness or slopes.

V&B Fliesen GmbH

V&B Fliesen GmbH manufactures Villeroy & Boch brand-name tiles and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramics. The company now operates in more than 80 countries. More than 700 people are employed at the company headquarters in Merzig and at its sites in Mettlach and La Ferté-Gaucher. High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of sophisticated premium ranges for the bathroom, living areas and architecture.

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