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Colour trends 2017: Expressive and individual – Trendy wall designs with coloured tiles

Press release   •   Mar 09, 2017 10:15 GMT

Trendy wall designs with coloured tiles - Collection Colorvision

Colours have an impact and shape a room. They evoke certain feelings and can influence or even create moods. No wonder, then, that colour is one of the leading design elements in the world of interior design. And what a pity that the walls in most living spaces are still simply white or very bright and neutral in design.

Although there are such great colour alternatives available, with tiles for example! Because no matter whether brightly colourful or in pastel shades, whether as a whole surface or laid as an accent, with tiles you can design beautiful, coloured walls and thus lend the room a very special atmosphere. The special feature: Villeroy & Boch Tiles equips all of its wall ranges with its ceramicplus dirt-repellent surface finish. This makes the tile surfaces extremely maintenance-friendly and easy to clean – just wipe down with a soft, damp cloth, and the tiles are once again shiny and as good as new.

2017 goes green

Green is the on-trend colour for 2017: The colour experts at PANTONE have named Greenery, a fresh yellow-green, the Color of the Year that is set to conquer the worlds of fashion, architecture and design. And this is just one green variant among many. Depending on the nuance, green can be vitalising and stimulating or calming but: yellowish green tones are invigorating, while the more bluish hues tend to be calming. The bright shades of green in the COLORVISION range can bring interesting plays of colour to the wall that lend a tender and light appearance. The darker green of the Art Nouveau-inspired MON CŒUR décor tiles, on the other hand, radiates elegance, tranquillity and stability.

Calming room concepts can be staged using blue-green. These are recommended for the bedroom, relaxation zones, and of course for the bathroom. Here, for example, the wall concept CHÉRIE provides modern staging of nostalgic patterns in gentle turquoise. And the DÉGRADÉ range brings a muted Petrol to the wall as a fine colour progression. Light wood provides further underscoring of the natural charm.

Sunny yellow, warm orange and strong red

Yellow is the colour of the sun – it is invigorating, light and bright and always brings an upbeat mood. Yellow gives rooms a positive atmosphere, even in areas with a shortage of daylight. Vitalising on the wall, in the bathroom, yellow provides a pure, clean feeling. Here, the trendy Play it! range is perfect for imaginative, unconventional wall designs; it is particularly appealing in combination with white.

The even warmer orange creates a cheerfull, relaxed mood, radiating friendliness and cosiness, particularly if used in combination with a gentle cream tone. This is particularly successful with the PAPERMOODS range, with its slightly relief-finished basic tiles reminiscent of handmade paper. The décor tiles in the colour of Coral feature a multi-colour glass overlay and exhibit an abstract, wave-like pattern.

The colour red is vitalising and invigorating; it is decidedly dynamic and creates activating effects. Red is pure energy. Warm shades of red can create a wonderful interior mood – confident and clear, and classy and elegant at the same time. Like the expressive MOONLIGHT GLOW décor tiles that take their inspiration from the airbrush technique that was ‘in’ particularly in the 1980s. The result is a design that makes the iconic colour red the leading trend element in interior design. Laid over a large area of wall, it can be used to create lively interiors.

Expressive in black-white-grey and colourful

Black, white and grey are so-called ‘non-colours’. But this does not mean that they cannot be used to design expressive walls. On the contrary. Grey in particular is a genuine evergreen: purist, objective, discreet and elegant at the same time, the grey tiles from the CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 colour concept make other shades come alive. And combinations of black and white of the kind offered by the MONOCHROME MAGIC range are true classics and an integral feature of fashion and interior design. Pure white lends the space a pleasantly cool lightness that is deepened further by black contrasts. Even small splashes of colour are more striking in this setting. Great accents can be set with intense colours such as red or purple.

And why not use colours? Have the courage to choose colour – you will be rewarded with beautiful walls. With the CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 colour concept, one can take black, white and warm earth and rust tones and create a very trendy look on the wall – one that is homely and modern at the same time. And those who like to combine bold colours with soft pastels will find just what they're looking for in COLORVISION. Available to choose from are solid-colour tiles with a glossy finish in six graded colour lines with a soft pastel charm, along with a clear white and six intensive contrasting colours.

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